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Importance of protein intake

Protein is the building block for the majority of tissues in our body. Having enough protein helps us maintain healthy and strong muscles, protects our muscles during long periods of physical inactivity, and repairs our body under stressful situations such as injury and surgery.

The quality of the protein we eat is important. We can find the highest quality protein in animal products like poultry, meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.

Other good sources of protein are nuts, seeds, and pulses.

Based on your height, you need to have at least a minimum amount of protein per day. Do not worry, we have calculated this for you and you can find your daily protein target over your nutrition task.

You should spread your protein intake throughout the day so you have protein in every meal. If you struggle to get to your daily protein target, you may consider a protein supplement. In this regard, whey protein is very easy to find and is the highest quality option.

You should make sure the protein content of the supplement is at least 70% per cent (have a look at the nutrition information, under the “per 100” column, to find out). You can mix this kind of protein supplement with water, milk, yoghurt, or the way you prefer.