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Performing cardiovascular exercise

Within your daily targets, you may find a “cardio” activity (as shown below).

By tapping on your “cardio” activity, you will access a personalised cardio session you should aim to complete during the day. A cardio session is made of 1 or more exercises that should be completed from top to bottom.

Below you can see how a cardiovascular exercise looks like. You will find 3 important pieces of information: the type of exercise, the duration (for how long the activity should be performed), and the intensity of the exercise.

This example shows a cardiovascular exercise with the following characteristics:

  • Type: Walk
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Intensity: Moderate

When it comes to cardiovascular exercise, the suggested intensity indicates how the activity should feel WHILE you perform the activity.

In the example above (moderate intensity), you should walk at a pace that feels “somewhat hard” or, in other words, at a pace that would allow you to speak, but not sing.

The table below shows the equivalences so you can better understand what different intensities should feel like.