Pre-surgery prehab

Professor Tara Rampal and the teams QuestPrehab™ is a multi-dimensional telehealth delivered patient optimisation and prehab programmes help patients in need of major surgical intervention to prepare for their surgery.

Furthermore, it empowers and supports patients to get fit before their surgery and adopt a healthy lifestyle post-intervention. Our programmes are technology-enabled, vendor-neutral and do not require modifications to pre-existing infrastructure or processes.


Pre-surgical prehab programme benefits

Our pre-surgical prehab programme is delivered virtually from the comfort and safety of patients’ home and personalised to his/her clinical need, ability, baseline fitness, expectations and beliefs. It helps patients recover faster, go back to their usual activities and hobbies earlier.

Our innovative and proprietary method of provisioning peri-operative prehab programmes enable wide scale and cost efficient optimisation of patients that result in faster recovery and significant overall improvements in health-related quality of life for patients. It creates potential for substantial savings for Insurers and Providers.

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