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Empowering Patients, Enriching Lives

Proven to work

QuestPrehab™ is a telehealth service that prepares patients, mentally and physically, for major surgery or cancer treatment. Prehabilitation services designed and delivered by QuestPrehab™ have been proven, published, and successfully used in the NHS. Results of the QuestPrehab™ service include faster recovery and significant overall improvements in health-related quality of life for patients who need to prepare for surgery or cancer treatment.

QuestPrehab breast cancer prehabilitation

Benefits of QuestPrehab:

For Patients:

Faster recovery

Personalised programs help patients recover faster and suffer less complications

Improved baseline fitness

QuestPrehab improves patients’ baseline fitness

For Care Providers &

Better productivity & savings

Faster recovery improves productivity and creates potential for savings

Higher level of care

Reduced complications and emergency re-admissions improves quality of care

Quest Prehab and Bowel-cancer-UK

Helping beat Bowel Cancer

We take great pride in our collaboration with BowelCancer UK, as we work together to provide crucial support to individuals facing a diagnosis of Bowel cancer.

What is Prehabilitation?


Boosting fitness through personalised physical exercise programs.


Mental coping mechanisms to better manage stress associated with major medical intervention.


Nutritional guidance to help build strength and fitness.



“What the Kent & Medway Prehab service has given me is motivation at a very difficult time and has had a massive positive impact on my mental health. The information and support I received has been invaluable and I would without any hesitation recommend this service to anyone starting their cancer journey.”



“I feel great and cannot recommend Prehab too much. Without them I would be very despondent and worried. Now I feel empowered and ready taking on monthly injections and prepared for Radiotherapy in August. I am just amazed what they have done for me and I am so grateful to Kent and Medway Prehab.”




How Quest Prehab helps improve care


Scalable and cost efficient

Quest Prehab Cloud Computing

Easy to implement and deploy

Patient using Quest Prehab app

Technology enabled

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Did you know?

If you are a patient who has recently been diagnosed with Cancer or in need of surgery, you can refer yourself to our award winning service to prepare yourself for your treatment. QuestPrehab™ is available to patients across the UK. Get in touch with us to find out more.