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Technology enabled and scalable prehabilitation

Prehab (Prehabilitation), as a preventive concept, is proven to result in better overall fitness, better healthcare outcomes and shorter recovery time for patients. It has notoriously been too complex and resource intensive to deliver, so therefore not widely available..

QuestPrehab™ has developed a technology enabled method and platform that addresses the challenges normally associated with delivering prehabilitation services to patients. Our method is scalable and cost efficient.

Digital Prehab app

QuestPrehab™ is technology enabled and scalable, making wide-scale adoption of prehabilitation possible. QuestPrehab™ can be used in any healthcare setting. The service does not require any modifications to pre-existing infrastructure, processes, patient pathways, or systems; it can be seamlessly inserted into any healthcare provider. QuestPrehab™ can be tailored and white labelled, thus becoming part of and integrating with the customers wider digital strategy and services.

Results of the QuestPrehab™ service include faster recovery and significant overall improvements in health-related quality of life for patients who need to prepare for surgery or cancer treatment

For patients

You matter to us!

If you are a patient who has recently been diagnosed with Cancer or is in need of surgery, please contact us to find out how we can help you prepare for your treatment. QuestPrehab™ is available to patients across the UK.