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Q&A with a Patient

- how old are you? 


where do you live? 


what’s your job? 

Charity Administrator 

do you have children / grandchildren? 

A daughter 

– when did you receive your diagnosis? 

October 2023 

how did you find out about QuestPrehab? 


what prehab services did you use / did they supply? 

  • An app with daily targets for protein intake, cardio activity and strength exercises. 
  • Weekly online Pilates classes 
  • CBT sessions 
  • Regular check-ins 
  • Peer support 

how helpful was prehab to you? 

Very helpful. It allowed me to feel like I could do something proactive to improve my recovery. The CBT sessions gave me useful tools for when I was feeling overwhelmed, 

was there anything in particular about the service that stood out? 

My prehabilitation specialist went above and beyond in researching and suggesting additional online resources pre and post surgery which she thought I might find useful. 

would you recommend prehab to others? And if so, why? 

Absolutely. It was hugely beneficial to my mental and physical health. I recovered from the initial surgery very quickly and I now have the tools to build myself up again for the next round of treatment.