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Prehabilitation- 2-Day Intensive Course with Practical Workshop

16-17th January 2024

QuestPrehab study day

Approved for CME

Course director

Professor Tara Rampal

Course fees

Day 1 only (online session)
£ 150
Two days
£ 250

This course will promote the understanding of the role exercise oncology plays in medical pathways, the interface of the clinicians and exercise professionals, and the evolution of Prehabilitation and future career opportunities. The objective is helping exercise professionals gain confidence and knowledge in scientific literature, clinical intersection, and exercise prescription in Prehabilitation. The course director (Prof Rampal) has organised several courses with CPD accreditation from the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA). Prof Rampal will organise the feedback mechanism and handle any potential complaint. The course presenters are highly experienced and respected leaders in their field. Roberto Laza-Cagigas is a BASES member.


Day 1 – online

16th of January 2024

Prehabilitation – Evolution and development- Prof Tara Rampal.

Consultant Anaesthetist. Extensive experience of leading Prehabilitation services in the NHS Acute Trusts and Community healthcare. Prof Rampal will look at models of delivering a multimodal Prehab service and roles of clinicians and exercise professionals.

National perspective on preventive and population health- Dr Bana Haddad.GP

Clinical Lead for Personalised care and Cancer Lead- Kent and Medway. What is the healthcare landscape and national view on exercise oncology and prehabilitation?

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare- Prof Nazanin Zand.

Natural Resource Institute. Prof Zand will talk about healthcare entrepreneurship and barriers.

Sport science and prehabilitation- Evidence, guidance, and research- Professor Fernando Naclerio.

Centre Lead for Exercise Activity and Research. University of Greenwich. Professor Naclerio will present and review scientific evidence around exercise oncology and guidance on developing exercise programmes for patients awaiting cancer treatment.

Psychological framework for Prehabilitation- Frances Mathews.

Accredited and Experienced CBT counsellor. This presentation will cover the psychological challenges to engaging in exercise when facing cancer treatment or major surgical intervention.

Day 2 – Practical sessions

17th of January 2024

Practical workshop at the Centre for Exercise Activity and Rehabilitation, University of Greenwich, Avery Hill Campus, Sparrows Farm

Roberto Laza- Cagigas

Roberto is the Head of Operation of QuestPrehab and the Operations Lead of Kent & Medway Prehab, a prehab-to-rehab service offering support to all cancer patients across Kent and Medway. He is currently a PhD/MPhil student in Human Sciences and his research is focused on the effects that multimodal prehabilitation has on patients with cancer and Type 2 diabetes who are awaiting surgery as part of their cancer treatment.

Shana Tribe

Shana is a Specialist Physiotherapist in Cancer Rehabilitation at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust. She worked to pilot, establish, and substantiate the King’s Cancer Rehab and Prehab team alongside dietetics through the challenging COVID-19 pandemic period. Shana is currently the Research officer Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Oncology and Palliative Care as well as competing as an amateur rower and power lifter.

Natalia Soltaridi

Natalia is a Registered Dietitian dedicated to helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. With a background in clinical environment, and a strong academic background – B.Sc. in Human Nutrition, B.Sc. in Dietetics, M.Sc. in Public Health/Human Nutrition, Natalia provides personalised guidance and evidence-based recommendations to support patients in making positive dietary choices.


– Start with the breath – evidence based breathing techniques.
– Aerobic activity and monitoring – Considerations for Safe and Effective Aerobic Exercise Prescription.
– How to measure strength across the spectrum– from frailty to footballers.
– A simple approach to strength exercise.
– Fatigue management and sleep hygiene in the prehabilitation setting.
– Rehabilitation vs. Strength & Conditioning – Physiotherapy vs, Exercise physiology: attendees’ approach/debate/practical competition.
– Bitesize Motivational Interviewing and goal setting.
Natural Resource Institute. Prof Zand will talk about healthcare entrepreneurship and barriers.